For the past 18 years, I have found myself in the Smokey Mountains (at least) once a year.  This year I was overjoyed to find out that I wouldn't just be able to make a trip to the Smokeys, but that it would be coupled with a wedding for an infectiously joyful couple.

I'm fortunate enough to get to sit down with most couples once or twice before their wedding day, a few have invited me into their homes, and some have invited me to their rehearsal dinner.  This was the first time a couple has invited me to attend a rambunctious, chaotic symphony of food, southern pride, and horse theatrics: I'm of course describing the pigeon forge dinner theater "Dixie Stampede".  I consider it nothing but a joy and pleasure that Andy and Kelsea's parents were generous and caring enough to intentionally make Me and Kevin (my second shooter) feel so included.

Amongst the early morning trip to Cade's Cove and the late night random dining experiences in Pigeon Forge, there was also a wedding!

I can't imagine I will ever no the comfort of a wedding quite like this one.  Being able to make a short drive to a wedding is something to be praised; being able to wake up and make a short walk to the wedding is nothing short of a miracle.  The wedding took place in the same small colony tucked away on a mountain in pigeon forge: the chapel, the reception space, and the cabins.

The entire day was laced in intimacy with every moment feeling catered to the couple in their unique design. I wanted to echo this sentiment with the video by using clips from the testimonies of Andy and Kelsea's love given at the reception.  While trying to reflect the emotional depth of the wedding, I also wanted to show the glee of the day as well; this is why I separated the moments prior to the reception from the reception.

The aerial footage was gathered from the mountains surrounding our cabin as well as the fields of Cade's Cove.  On this wedding, I was joined by the talented Kevin Banks - who helped me capture video throughout the day.  I was also very thankful to work alongside the focused and inspired Jonathan Bartholomew -the photographer for the day.

I am very happy with the footage I got, and incredibly thankful for the opportunity to shoot a wedding in the Smokey Mountains, but more than anything, I'm honored to have been treated like a part of the family for this wedding.  When I look back at this wedding, that is undoubtedly what I'll remember.