I couldn't have asked for a better way to start off the wedding season than by shooting the wedding of two of my very good friends from college.  When I was a lost and confused freshman in college, Bryan (a Junior at the time) took me his under his wing and hung out with me despite my inability to talk about anything other than how much I loved being away from home.  When I was a senior, Karissa lived a couple houses down from me with 6 other girls, and they all became my best friends, party cohosts, and partners in nonsense.  My college experience would have been incredibly less full and fun without these two.

This humility and love that they show to me and every other person they interact with makes them an incredible fit for one another.  The love that they have for one is very honest and evident.  I consider it a huge blessing that I was able to spend their wedding day capturing these moments.

From the wedding party getting ready to the end of the night, the day was filled with a lot of love and a lot of laughter.  I was fortunate enough to work alongside Elizabeth Sharrett who was as talented as she was easy to work alongside.  The reception was brought to life by Matt Morris and there wasn't a single dull moment throughout the whole night.

After I shot the wedding, I sat down and thought about what I felt captured that day and the spirit of Karissa and Bryan.  The word that kept coming to mind was "honest".  Both of them have a rare authenticity that creates a peaceful, fun air around them.  So when it came time to edit that's what I sought to convey.  Nothing flashy or over-the-top.  Just something simple, subtle, and honest.

I am very thankful for the time I had with Bryan and Karissa in college, and I can't wait to continue my friendship with Bryan and Karissa as husband and wife.