Ever get a cryptic text from a friend and think to yourself 'Today is not going to be a normal day'?  That's what my thought was when I got a text from my friend Austin.  The text read something along the lines of "I passed your information along to one of my friends; he is having an..interesting wedding".

It wasn't but ten minutes after I got that text when I got a call from Jon.  Getting a call about a wedding isn't out of the ordinary, but Austin was right: there were a few 'interesting' parts to this wedding.

1) The wedding was going to be in Mexico.

2) If I were to shoot this wedding, I'd also be tagging along for a 2 day service trip in an impoverished area.

3) The wedding was in two weeks.

Definitely not my average wedding.  I checked my calendar, saw that I was available, and figured 'Why not?'

Two weeks later I found myself on a bus full of strangers (counting the wedding couple and parts of their families).  It was about the moment I was dragging three large bags of video gear across the border that I wondered if I had made a poor life choice.

I hadn't.  Much like a lot of the more memorable moments in life: this trip became much more than what I could have asked for out of a wedding.  Both families treated me like a son and were incredibly loving towards me, the wedding was the simplest wedding I ever had to shoot (maybe 12 people in attendance), the couples love story was one of the most inspiring I had heard (I'll let them tell you it in the video), and shooting on the beach at sunset in another country is a dream come true.

I can say with confidence that the entire trip was one of the most fantastic experiences I've ever had, and I will never forget it nor the friends that I made on the trip.