Something fantastic about offering a service like video is you tend to get to meet a lot of friend of friends -who in turn will then become your friend too.

This past summer, I had the good fortune of getting to shoot the wedding of Anna and Tyler Houze in Louisville, Kentucky.  I have a lot of friends in Louisville -several who were going to be at the wedding as well, but I didn't know Tyler and Anna past a few phone calls prior to the wedding.

The fact that I didn't know them proved to be irrelevant.  From the moment I showed up to the moment I left, I felt very welcomed by everyone at the wedding.   From a printed picture of an absent bridesmaid being passed around on a popsicle stick to spontaneous dance parties in the dressing rooms, there was no lack of entertainment at this wedding.

Wedding videos are only as fun as the people that make them up, and that's what makes this video so special to me.

Another element that made this day relaxing and a blast to shoot was the creative team that was their capturing the day with me.  I was able to work this wedding with a very talented photographer based out of Lexington, Kentucky named Bradley Nolan and his wife Hillary.   Their knowledge of the city, friendship with the wedding party, and incredible skill level, made it incredibly fun and easy to work alongside them.